Fire Place Tree

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I forged this in preparation for th Waterford Fair coming up on Oct. 4-6th in Waterford Va. Come checknit out. 

Organic tree fireplace tool set. First I want to give credit for inspiration I got for this project from @mt_phillip_metal_works and @joetheblacksmith13 . The use of the copper interlacing into the handle I got from @joetheblacksmith13 , I asked if I could use his idea and he graciously gave me permission. I used a technique I saw @mt_phillip_metal_works use for forgewelding on the branches with a power hammer. Also want to thank @dirtysmith
For the continued inspiration I get from his amazing work. Some of the recent fireplace tool sets he has done inspired me to make a new set. The trunk of the tree I forged out of 1.5 inch round upset one end 1 inch. I drew out the the trunk under my power hammer and textured with the drawing dies. The branches and roots are forgewelded onto the trunk. I forged the handles out of half inch round and textured with drawing dies of my power hammer. I forged the copper vines out of 3/8 copper and textured with a scored faced hammer. The short handle will have a broom head affixed to the end. If you have any questions let me know.
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  • Eric Smith on

    Hello, I am very interested in your horseshoe hinges. What are the dimensions of them? I have a particular idea in mind for them but i am worried about the size of the them.

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