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Jeep Themed Outdoor Fire Pit / Grill

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I cut these Jeep themed portable fire pits / grills out of 1/8 inch plate steel. They are designed to be very portable. Take the six spring pins out and it comes apart and lays flat making it easy to transport to your camp site or take on your next adventure. Also great for the back yard or neighborhood event. 

The fire pit includes the 4 sides grill top and bottom with 6 lynch pins. Fire pit is cut out of 1/8 inch plate steel and Weight 42 pounds

The optional spit accessory kit includes 2 uprights, spit, 2 meat prongs and 1 S hook. Weight 6 lbs. 
I make these to order. Typical lead time is 1 to 2 weeks from date of order till when they are shipped.
These come as bare metal. I put a.light coat of vegetable oil on them to help keep them from rusting during transport. If you intend to leave these outside I would suggest painting them with a high heat Rustolium paint (except cooking surfaces). 
Email me at to inquire about custom designs.