Hand Forged Carpenter's Axe
Hand Forged Carpenter's Axe
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Hand Forged Carpenter's Axe

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This is your axe. Hand forged in the traditional way using coal for heat. There won't be another exactly like it. Every forge mark on it represents a blow from a hammer wielded by hand, not a lifeless machine.

The Carpenter's Axe was traditionally used for building timber frame and log homes. It excels at rapidly removing waste material from joints or branches from logs. Because of its size, it is a fantastic axe to be used for other wood crafts as well. The thin bit allows for low angles of chopping.

The body is forged from a single piece of mild steel. I then score a channel in the cutting face and forge weld a piece of high carbon steel into the business end. The mild steel body absorbs impacts without risk of cracking and the high carbon bit takes and holds a razor sharp edge. This functional work of art is then completed by fitting an 18" hand carved ash or hickory handle.

Protect this heirloom tool with a full grain leather sheath for an additional $60.

 Custom orders always welcome!